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Personal Solutions

Personal Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance

  • Cover on someone’s life.

Accidental Death Insurance

  • Life cover but due to unnatural causes.

Disability Insurance

  • Cover should you become physically or mentally disabled.

Income Replacement

  • As Disability Insurance but your income is protected.

Severe Illness/ Dread Disease Insurance

  • Cover for heart attacks, cancer, strokes and other conditions.

Bond Cover

  • Cover for loans from the bank.

Funeral Cover

  • Cover specifically for funeral costs.

Retrenchment Cover

  • Cover should you lose your work due to retrenchments.


  • Portfolio including shares, cash, bonds and property.

Unit Trusts (Linked Investment Schemes)

  • Portfolio of shares.


  • Trade directly on the stock market through iTransact platform.

Savings Plans

  • Includes Endowments and Unit Trusts.

Retirement Annuities

  • Save for your retirement while gaining tax advantages.

Some of The Funds We Are Contracted to Sell:

  • Allan Gray
  • Coronation
  • Efficient
  • Investec
  • Marriot
  • Momentum
  • Nedgroup
  • Oasis
  • Old Mutual
  • Predential
  • Sanlam
  • Satrix
  • Stanlib

Household Goods

  • Content inside a residence.

House Owners/ Building Insurance

  • The actual shell of a residence.

All Risks

  • Personal property that gets removed from the residence including cellular phones, jewellery, etc.


  • Covers losses or damage to 3rd party (including death) and/ or their property whist on residential property.

Car/ Motor

  • Comprehensive cover for personal vehicle.


  • Comprehensive cover for personal motorbike.

Marine/ Watercraft

  • Cover for boats, yachts, etc.

Off Road Vehicles

  • Cover for quad bikes, side-by-sides, off road bikes, etc.

Personal Computers (Laptop, tablets, etc.)

  • Same as all risks but specifically for laptops, tablets, etc.

Medical Aid

  • Contracted with almost all medical aid schemes.

Gap Cover

  • Additional cover for in hospital specialists, etc. as well as co-payment cover.